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Upcoming Events at Thrive

At Thrive we have an event at least once a month to get students together

Events for Spring 2014

July 18th-19th Teen Girl Retreat

This event allows older women to train up our younger women in the things of God. This event will be a lot of fun. It will include some games, teaching time, and also some crafts. This year’s theme is Letters to Myself. It will be an introspective journey that the girls will take to understand the divine, delight, defeat, and desires. We will be posting an event schedule soon. Contact Sarah VanderMolen or Pastor Aaron if you would like to help plan this event.

Monday, July 28th Six Flags Trip

This will be the fifth year Thrive has gone to Six Flags to celebrate the end of the summer. This is always a great trip to get away and have fun. Check out the Six Flags page under events above. Parents, we will need help with chaperones and drivers so make sure you check out the page to see how you can help.

Summer Games

Every student gathering this summer we will be having our summer games. This will consist of fun games and short and to the point devotionals. We will be doing things from water ballon games to short quiz games. Last year we had a blast. We will start the summer games starting in June through the beginning of August. It will be the first and third Sunday from 4-5:30 at the church.

Deeper Discipleship Gathering

Once a week Pastor Aaron will be meeting with a small group students who want to grow deeper with God during the summer. This will be an eight week program based on material called the “Fire Institute”. The students will meet with Pastor Aaron one day during the week. Each week students will learn what it means to follow God and will given assignments to help them grow closer to God such as Bible verse memorization. Because of the cost associated with this group and also the consistency needed in order to get something out of it, commitment to the group will be key. Fill out the form below if you would like to sign up. The sign-up form is due by June 15th! You will be contacted once you fill out the form.

Drama Team

This team will be meeting periodically through out the summer to work on a human video that will be presented in the fall. If you are interested  join us at the informational meeting that will be taking place on Sunday, June 15th at 9:30 am.

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